Gaudio Clariden

Gaudio Clariden


Gaudio is a completely new brand in the IEM market, coming from Switzerland it’s more so unusual as most of the new brands tend to originate in Asia nowadays. The Clariden is one of their two offerings, using a 3 balanced armature setup housed in an aluminium body.

This unit was kindly sent out by Phil from Audio Concierge for a review tour and has since been returned.

In the box

  • Headphones
  • 1.2m 3.5mm cable
  • Carry case
  • 5 Sets of silicone tips
  • Cleaning tool

Build quality and accessories

The IEMs have quite a good build quality, the demo unit had a slightly too big faceplate compared to the body (which made them stick out), I was assured this has been fixed for the subsequent units. Otherwise, all sides were well finished. 

The case is well made, feels quality and has enough space to fit the IEMs with even a thick cable. I wish it had some sort of protection to separate the earphones from one another and prevent them touching each other, as someone who pays a lot of attention to how my gear looks I tend to “baby” most of it and try to keep it scuff free. Those small touches would definitely help with that.

Finally the cable, I’m going to be honest here, even though the materials feel good, the loose braid/twist and the kinks which don’t go away are quite disappointing to see. It has potential but needs to be braided properly, with better earhooks (or no strange wire kink that is there nor hooks at all.

All in all, quite an average set of accessories at the price but it seems to be something very usual to see nowadays.

Fit and comfort

I had no issues with fit or comfort, they shells have a good shape and I could wear them for hours. As I previously mentioned the cable wasn’t the greatest and would not behave from time to time if I moved too much but that’s a minor nitpick.


Clariden can be described as a V-shaped, fun and engaging IEM. Leaning on the warmer side of V. 


Impactful, fun and well-controlled. Slightly lacking in texture and extension, which is something I expected from a single BA bass. Listening to “Bonefield – Window” clearly shows that slight lack of extension. All in all pretty good considering it’s using just one balanced armature.


Fast and detailed, with about average texture and good detail. The lower midrange is a bit recessed in relation to the upper midrange which pushes the female vocals a bit more forward than their male counterparts, “Fleetwood Mac – The Chain” clearly highlights that. The timbre is good across the midrange with and the instruments have quite a rich presentation. 


This is where Clariden can be a hit or miss for some, the treble can get a little bit hot at times, it only happened to badly mastered tracks for me but nonetheless, it’s something to consider. Otherwise, the detail and air are both adequate, neither is spectacular but they don’t really fall short next to similarly priced IEMs. I feel that using a single balanced armature is slightly limiting in terms of detail and extension in a similar fashion to what happens in the bass.

Imaging and Soundstage

The soundstage is average to quite big for an IEM, it never really goes very far but always maintains a nice volume in both width and depth. The images are precise and while they aren’t pinpoint accurate they have a bit more of an organic presentation instead with slightly blurrier edges but still with good separation. 


It’s nice to see a new company doing something quite right, at the price Clariden competes with the likes of Campfire Audio Andromeda which isn’t an easy fight. I still think it has it’s right to be, it reminds me a bit of a mini Anole VX by being technically apt and in the general presentation. I can gladly recommend it with a caveat that the treble may be too present for some.

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