AME Radioso

AME Radioso


I first heard of AME around mid last year just around the time they released their first tribrid IEMs, due to them being based in South Korea the initial access to demo units was quite limited and until getting invited to join their review tour I didn’t get a chance to try any of their offerings. The Radioso is a tribrid featuring a single dynamic driver, single BA and quad electrostatic drivers in a 3-way crossover. 

Thanks to AME Custom for giving me the opportunity to review the Radioso as part of the AME Tour. The unit is a loaner and must be returned.

In the box

  • IEMs
  • 1.2m 3.5mm cable
  • 1/4″ adapter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Case
  • 3 Pairs of spinfit tips
  • Foam tips
  • Case

Build quality and accessories

The IEMs are well made, clean join lines, no sharp edges or other obvious flaws. They feel and look premium, the fact they are asymmetrical in design only adds to that feeling. 

The cable, on the other hand, is quite disappointing, not only it feels generic but it just doesn’t have anything that would make it stand out sonically. It also gets tangled quite easily. I would expect more for this price tag.

The case is metal, with a nice finish and just right amount of space to fit the IEMs with a cable. The finish is smooth and definitely feels premium.

The other accessories are quite standard. All in all, I would expect more, especially in terms of a cable.

Fit and comfort

The fit is good in general, Radioso is, however, a bulky IEM and even though the shell has an ergonomic shape it may not fit people with smaller ears. This seems like a general problem posed by having to have a transformer for the electrostatic driver which takes a considerable amount of space.


The sound is almost a U signature, but the midrange is articulate which makes it quite interesting. This combined with a smooth treble makes them a really pleasant listen.


The bass has a bit of elevation to it, thanks to the use of the dynamic driver it’s also natural and has a good amount of punch. The texture and detail are good but I not to the level of for example Final A8000. On “Trentemøller – Evil Dub” the detail was there but some of the texture was a little smeared. I wouldn’t call this a problem, those nuances can make it more difficult to purely enjoy the music while this smoother presentation definitely allows it.


In general, the midrange is slightly back, but vocals are brought more forward than the rest of them. The instruments have just enough body to make them feel alive while keeping it dry enough not to lose on separation. On very busy songs like “Death – Voice of the soul” the single BA loses a touch of clarity and separation. The timbre is good across the board, no instruments or voices sound off. 


Treble in Radioso is something I find polarising, it has a smooth nature to it while keeping a really good extension and detail. The air quality of it is quite excellent, same for the separation and general tonality. What it lacks is some “bite” to it, cymbals lack that little sharpness to the sound which brings excitement to the upper ranges. I think this quality of Radioso will decide on whether you will buy them or not.

Imaging and Soundstage

The stage is big with impressive imaging to accompany it, it has both good width and depth but not as much height. The images have very good separation and are easily distinguished. 


The AME Radioso is definitely a good contender in the 1000-1500$ price range, it’s technical performance as well as tonal balance are on par with similar priced IEMs. While I personally prefer the Argent I can still easily recommend Radioso with it’s smooth and pleasant presentation. 

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