Tin HiFI T4

Tin HiFI T4


Following the great success of their previous models, Tin HiFi decided to step up the price and performance of the “T” series. Using a single dynamic driver in an aluminium shell T4 aims to improve upon their previous offerings losing a driver rather than following the trend of adding more.

Thank you to Linsoul for providing a review sample.

In the box

  • IEMs
  • 1.2m 3.5mm cable
  • Protective case
  • 6 sets of silicone tips
  • 1 set of foam tips

Build quality and accessories

Tin HiFi set the accessories bar higher this time by almost doubling the price versus the T3, for this you do get a bit more in the box including a case and a few more tips.

The build quality of the IEMs is very good, all the edges feel smooth and well machined. The MMCX connectors hold even too well (it was extremely hard to unplug them the first couple time). The cable is where I’m a bit confused, the T3 came with a very nice, soft and tangle-free cable, in contrast, the T4 cable even though soft suffers from a rubbery and sticky feeling coating which makes the cable more prone to tangling and sticking to itself, even though it feels well built the finish makes it annoying to use. As far as I’m aware Linsoul offered the T3 cable for free in addition to the T4 which to me was an excellent move to mitigate this, nonetheless what’s in the box isn’t great. 

The case is sturdy, has a much better size versus the one included with the Tin P1 and first the IEMs with ease.

In general, both build and accessories are adequate to the price, I’d love to see the T3 (or similar) cable being the stock option.

Fit and comfort

The T4 surprised me in terms of comfort, it somehow manages to look extremely similar to the T3 and be on another level of comfort be this the weight difference or slight tweaks to the shell it makes a huge difference. I can easily call it one of the most comfortable universal IEMs I’ve tried, I used them for 8h+ I without the slightest issue. This goes to say how iterative updates can improve upon a design. 


Tin HiFi usually aims for close to neutral sound and the T4 is no exception, other than this time it’s finally right. I’d call it slightly north of neutral but thanks to this the overall tonality is natural and pleasant without over colouration.


The bass is slightly elevated, more so in the subbass than midbass. It extends very well without a notable roll-off, it’s quite punchy and has decent speed and maintains fairly natural timbre across the board. It’s not as detailed as BA bass but it gains in impact and naturalness. “Rage against the machine – killing in the name of” shows a good amount of detail while keeping the bass tame and without bleeding into the midrange. Once pushed to a high volume it does get a bit congested but that is to be expected with a cheap dynamic driver.


The lower midrange is very close to neutral with a slightly boosted upper midrange. This renders the T4 a little forward but not enough to make it unpleasant or harsh, it also gives them a bit more excitement while maintaining a natural presentation. Listening to “Fleetwood Mac – Chain” you can hear the vocals are pushed forward which can get a bit fatiguing depending on the music. The timbre is surprisingly good, I wouldn’t call it perfect but it’s better than most. 


reble under 8k can be a bit bright for some but the dip form 8-11k makes it fairly easy on the ear even on average recordings. They don’t suffer from sibilance unless the track itself is quite sibilant. The recession does have one negative impact, it takes away a bit of air and can make them sound a bit closed in especially in tracks that depend on that like “Death – Voice Of The Soul”.

Imaging and Soundstage

The soundstage is average, with similar depth and width but not much height to it. The images are good but not pinpoint accurate, this is an improvement on the T3 but to me still the biggest shortcoming on the T series. The slight lack of air makes it seem even more closed in than it is at times.


Finally, Tin HiFi did it for me. T4 for me is one of the most natural, technically coherent and most balanced offerings around 100$ mark. They aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for something natural, not overly bassy or bright they could be a great pick. 

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