Cayin YB04

Cayin YB04


The YB04 is Cayin new entry to the IEM market, it features a quad BA setup in a aluminium shell. This unit was provided as a rental from Andy Kong.

The YB04 has been burned in for 100h prior to critical listening. Majority of the listening has been done using Cayin N6ii with both A01 and T01 boards.

In the box

  • YB04 IEMs
  • 1.2m 3.5mm cable
  • 12 tips
  • Leather case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning tool

Build quality and accessories

The amount of accessories is quite impressive, especially when it comes to tips choice. Having 5 types of tips to try with the IEMs is a very good starting point to both get a good fit and tune them sonically.

The build of the IEMs is solid, the shell is smooth and well machined. The coating feels and looks premium and should last the normal usage without issues especially if they are kept in the provided case.
The case itself while big is very well built, needs a good amount of tension to open and close so it shouldn’t open accidentally.
The cable is a bit weighty but the ear hooks help to relieve dissipate both its weight and the weight of the IEMs.

Fit and comfort

Unfortunately for me, the fit was average at best. The size of the shell made it quite finicky to get a good seal and keep the IEM comfortable in my ear. This is obviously something that will vary from person to person but you should consider those are fairly big. 

For reference pictures next to CA Andromeda:


The YB04 presents a light and airy sound, with emphasis on a natural and neutral tone and being quite light on the bass side of things. 


Subbass extension is fairly limited, listening to songs like “Bonefield – Window” you can tell the notes die out way too early and don’t fill the stage the way they should. The midbass is quick and snappy but lacks the punch and can feel anaemic at times. This definitely doesn’t render those IEMs quite genre-specific and if punchy bass or good subbass extension is needed then they aren’t a good choice.


Sweet and clear. No matter the source those two characteristics were always present. Timbre was very good across the instruments, notes had a decent amount of weight to them. With the N6ii, the midrange gained a nice sense of warmth and fullness which translated into making vocal-centric music extremely enjoyable. The detail was present but not overbearing or in your face. 


Well extended, smooth and detailed. Again very good timbre and transients, cymbal hits had a nice bit of sizzle to them. There was no sibilance or harshness to be found. They also produce a very nice sense of air no matter how complex the tracks are.

Imaging and Soundstage

The stage is probably one of the biggest strengths of YB04, It’s wide and airy, with very good separation and imaging across. It’s not the deepest but the width partially covers for that. 


While the tuning of those isn’t something I would call mainstream, they are still an interesting offering due to their midrange and highs and general coherence to the sound. They also offer a wide range of accessories and good build quality. My main problem with them is the bass, I can understand the tuning nature of it however, the subbass extension is quite disappointing at this price point. The fit could also prove problematic for certain people so I recommend you demo those before purchasing if possible.

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