Ikko OH10

Ikko OH10


After the big success of their last model the OH1, IKKO released their new model, the OH10. Featuring the same driver configuration as the OH1 with new copper shell coated in titanium on the outside as well as platinum on the inside.

This unit was provided by IKKO in return for a review.

In the box

  •  IEMs
  • 1.2m OFC silver-plated cable
  • 6 paris of silicone tips
  • Ikko pin
  • Leather poach

Build quality and accessories

Build quality of the IEMs is pretty much spot on, they feel heavy, well machined, smooth and with beautiful obsidian like finish. The cable, even though an improvement over the OH1, the cable could still be much better, it tangles fairly easily and is quite plain-looking for my taste. The selection of tips is enough as a basis and works well but I recommend looking for aftermarket tips like “JVC spiral dots” anyway. Finally, the poach, it’s maid well and feels good quality, however, isn’t very practical, it only helps the IEMs from smashing into one another or being scratched. Due to being soft, however, makes it less effective against crushing or falls. In general, those are one of my favourite looking and feeling IEMs regardless of price.

Fit and comfort

Putting the OH10 feels like you will get some discomfort due to their weight, however, they ended up being extremely comfortable for me. I wore them for 5 hours without fatigue, their substantial weight disappears once they are on and you can forget you are wearing them. 


Warm, wide and smooth. With amazing subbass extension. One could say relaxed and inoffensive.


Elevated especially in the subbass region, with very good detail, texture and impact, you can sometimes feel as if the whole shell was emitting those deep notes like the ones from “Bonefield – Window”. It provides a feeling of depth of the music which is quite addictive. At the same time, the bass is well controlled and doesn’t bleed into the midrange. 


Slightly recessed in the lower midrange with an upper midrange lift, smooth but still quite detailed. The timbre is good across the board even though the lower midrange can be a touch thin at times. Male vocals on “Fleetwood Mac – The Chain” are slightly more back than female ones but still fairly present in the mix. Electric guitars have a great texture and timbre to them. 

The midrange doesn’t ever sound congested even on a busy mix which was an issue with the OH1. The OH10 seems to handle those situations with much more ease, somehow, even with the bass emphasis, it keeps a very good level of clarity.


Lower treble has a slight elevation to it but drops off quite rapidly, this makes the OH10 have a good level of clarity and air, however, it can sometimes be a bit too smooth to my taste. On “Fleetwood Mac – Dreams” cymbals roll off a touch too soon and can lose a bit of the shimmer. The detail is mostly present but the upper treble can be very faint and hard to catch. This comes with a pro, they never sound harsh but maintain a good sense of clarity and air.

Imaging and Soundstage

The stage is wide and quite deep for an IEM, it extends quite a bit past the ears and presents the music in a relaxed manner to the sides and slightly in front of you. The imaging is good but due to the size of the stage, it doesn’t have pinpoint accuracy. 


Ikko has not disappointed with the OH10, it’s an easy recommend for almost everyone. Wide, relaxed, fun and never harsh. It’s not a super detailed set of IEMs, but I don’t feel it tries to achieve that, to me, it is made for pure enjoyment with an added benefit of good technical performance. Good job Ikko and keep at it.

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3 thoughts on “Ikko OH10

  1. Would you recommend these IME’ for classical and big band music? I have the I’ll oh 1. While I love it, the music doesn’t have the depth and layering of seeing a live performance. Do the oh10’s succeed where the oh 1’s fail?

    1. I’d say they improve on the oh1, quite a bit so. But they won’t display the depth and layering as well as some higher-end IEMs will. I hope this helps

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