The ZSX is a new flagship IEM from Knowledge Zenith. Released in quick succession after the ZS10 Pro to take its place as the flagship. It features a 6 driver design, with 1 dynamic driver and 5 balanced armatures.

This unit was sent to me by Linsoul in exchange for a review.

In the box

  • IEMs
  • 3 Sets of silicone tips
  • 1.2m Cable

Build quality and accessories

Yet again quite typical KZ quality, the IEMs feel relatively solid even though the materials don’t have a premium feel to them. The cable seems a little bit better than the one provided with the ZS10 Pro, however, it still is average at best, holding its shape and feeling quite rubbery. The KZ provided ear tips aren’t great and not only do they negatively affect the sound but they also aren’t very comfortable and don’t hold a good seal.

Fit and comfort

Fit on the ZSX is quite finicky, due to a quite large shell size and a lip on the IEMs. For me, once the fit was right the lip would sit in the helix lock area of my ear and hold them in place. This was fine in most cases but sudden movements would “unlock” them from my ears at times requiring a readjustment. The fit for people with smaller ears can cause quite a few issues, so this is something to consider.


Fairly V-shaped, with deep subbass and respectable treble extensions. Fun but not overdone. 


Warm, quite thick but with a decent texture and very good subbass extension. On “Trentemøller – Evil Dub” a bit of detail is masked by slightly thicker and slower bass, however, it does it without feeling loose. Even on busy tracks, it doesn’t get muddy however, due to the elevation it can be a bit too forward in certain tracks with both a heavy bassline and vocals. Midbass bleed is marginal and is usually a non-issue. 


Recessed, with good detail and timbre. Unlike older KZ models they aren’t extremely recessed and maintain enough presence even though they are slightly back. Vocals have good clarity. Lower mids lack a bit of body wheres the upper mids have a bit extra energy in comparison. 


Quite forward yet not too bright, probably the best balanced KZ IEM in this area. There’s plenty of detail and the extension is surprisingly good. Cymbals are almost on point, even though at times they have a slightly plastic feel to them. There’s a good sense of air. ZSX isn’t ever sibilant like the ZS10 Pro which is a welcome improvement.

Imaging and Soundstage

The stage is fairly wide, with average depth. The images are well situated without true dead spots, the edges and centre are a bit vaguer than the rest of the stage. The layering is good thanks to the amount of “space” those create. 


At their current price of about 50$ the ZXS is easy to recommend if you’re looking for fun and cheap IEMs. It’s an improvement over the ZS10 Pro, and is well priced for the performance it delivers. You should, however, be prepared to spend extra money for better ear tips and a replacement cable. 

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