oBravo Cupid

oBravo Cupid


oBravo is a boutique headphone company, so far their main focus were high end IEMs using their patented AMT driver technology. The Cupid is their entrance into a more budget range with a hybrid dynamic driver and planar tweeter IEM.

This is a re-tuned unit representing the final product sent by Audio Concierge.

In the box

  • IEMs
  • 2.5mm OCC litz cable balanced cable
  • 3 pairs of silicone eartips
  • 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter
  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
  • Production model supplied by Audio Concierge will include additional 3.5mm cable

Build quality and accessories

The build quality is excellent, IEMs are heavy, feel solid and have a nice dark metallic finish to them. The cable looks a bit unusual however is soft and supple and doesn’t suffer from a lot of microphonics. The two adaptors are very high quality however are quite impractical to use. If used portable they create a very long connector prone to breaking (see images below). An option to get those with a few centimetres of wire in between male and female connector would be preferable. 

Fit and comfort

The updated version of the Cupid has a very good fit. The pre-production model was very tip and fit picky but this is no longer the case, it’s most likely due to the stem being longer or narrower.
Even though the IEM is quite weighty it is very comfortable and I had no problem wearing it for 5 hour listening sessions. My preferred tips in that case were JVC Spiral dots and stock whirlwind tips.


The initial version of cupid I’ve had was quite midrange and treble oriented with quite a low bass quantity. This changed very significantly in the final sample I have received, the bass has been significantly raised and small peaks in the upper midrange have been reduced.
The best way to describe cupid for me is a warm IEM with amazing clarity.


The subbass is nicely extended, has a good texture and detail to it. The midbass has a lot of punch to it with great texture and detail, “Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name” you can not only hear but also feel every bass string pull. The subbass pressure is impressive for a 6mm dynamic driver, “Infected Mushroom – Flamingo” literally feels like having a subwoofer in a room punching your eardrums, all that without sacrificing detail. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not overwhelming bass but the punch it creates brings life to a lot of music which is a great change from BA based IEMs at a cost of small detail trade-off.


Cupid doesn’t disappoint in the midrange either, the vocals are quite forward and intimate, the instruments have a very good and natural timbre to them. Tracks like “Blackmore’s Night – Storm” have a good sense of presence and show a great amount of detail. Even with a busy mix there’s no muddiness to be heard. They aren’t sibilant unless the mix itself is. Rather than having a bigger peak at 6K Hz they focus on one at at around 4K Hz which in turn gives them a lot of clarity without the harshness.
My only gripe here is with some tracks like “Accept –  Teutonic Terror” there’s a slight veil to the guitars.


Very well extended with a large amount of detail and some sparkle. The cymbals in “Blackmore’s Night – Cartouche” sound natural and have just enough metallic shimmer to them to bring them to life. Apart from a peak at around 10k that gives it a sense of air there aren’t any areas that should cause fatigue. 

Imaging and Soundstage

Very good imaging and decent stage for an IEM especially at this price point. From all my listening I found no dead spots and the image precision is well kept across the stage. The sense of air from the treble tuning and extension for sure renders the instruments more precisely.


I think oBravo made a great IEM that will satisfy a lot of people, it has a sense of warmth and clarity without overdoing on either, it doesn’t quite have the detail of a 1000+$ iem like CA Andromeda but has a musicality and forgiving nature that renders most if not all music very enjoyable. The re-tuning made it a great all rounder and an easy recommend for anyone who enjoys a good bass punch, clear but not harsh midrange and slightly sparkly treble. 

Order the Cupid here:
oBravo Cupid – Audio Concierge

5 thoughts on “oBravo Cupid

  1. I didn’t find the midbass to be light. Is it more of a neutral reference tuning than consumer tuning, sure, light, nah.

    For me, I couldn’t get a great insertion angle with Spinfits, but Dekoni Bulletz are indeed great, as are Final E-Type tips. Your Campfire foamies would also probably be a good fit, as these are very similar to Dekoni.

    For folks looking for more midbass, these come with Comply foamies, which will also reduce the treble if you find it bright. I didn’t find it bright, but I’m not treble sensitive in the slightest.

    1. Thanks for the input!

      I have measured them against a flat monitor (audiofly af1120 mk2) and there’s a big dip in the midbass on the Cupid in comparison.

      I found them a bit fiddly with tips as you said, final-e worked for me but had some strange effect on the mids for me so I kept to dekoni and spinfit throughout most of my listening.

      If you’d like to see the graphs I can email those to you 🙂

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