SuSy Dynalo Mk2

SuSy Dynalo Mk2


The SuSy Dynalo mk2 is a well regarded DIY balanced class A headphone amplifier. This unit was made and sent over for an unbiased review by Alex and has now been sent back.

Build quality

Very good, the case feels extremely sturdy and well built, all cutouts are well aligned, and the inputs and outputs are using very high quality connectors. The volume knob is one of the most satisfying ones to use I’ve tried, it feels sturdy and yet smooth.

Inputs & Outputs

The options here are fairly limited, a set of XLR inputs and a balanced 4 pin XLR output. This can however be customised as it’s not an off the shelf product. Below an example of smaller unit.


The power output is 4.2W at 15Ω, 3.2W at 30Ω and 0.77W at 300Ω. This translated to being able to power any headphone I threw at it, even Hifiman Arya was more than loud enough at 2-3 o’clock. Even at low power the channel matching was very good, from 8-9 o’clock there was no discernable channel imbalance. 


Because of very low output impedance of <1Ω and noise of about 0.0008% @ 1KHz/0dBu Dynalo worked well with both higher impedance headphones and low impedance ones. 
Main comparison of here is made with the RME ADI-2 DAC and very short check against Massdrop x THX AAA 789.
When using the ZMF Aeolus the sound was punchier on the Dynalo, in the song “Daft Punk – Lose yourself To Dance” the RME ADI-2 DAC there’s a clearly audible distortion in the bass, this wasn’t the case with the Dynalo, it played the whole song without any issues. 
Hifiman Arya felt smoother and more mellow on the Dynalo. It was more musical and less fatiguing especially for badly recorded music. 
Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000 was probably the best matching for the Dyanlo, normally it can sound slightly unnatural or dry but paired with this amplifier made it by far more musical with a touch of added warmth. All this while keeping excellent dynamic range and detail. 

In general this amplifier had a slightly warm and musical presentation, I wouldn’t call it very colored but it was enough to be noticeable especially compared to something like the THX AAA 789.


It’s hard not to recommend this amplifier, especially if you’re looking for something with a touch of warmth and musicality. Not only the build quality is excellent but the features can be adjusted to your personal needs as it’s a product made to order. The price of the unit I received for review starts at about 800€, it may seem high but you are investing in a high end amplifier built to your own needs.
If you’re interested in purchasing this or other amplifiers from Alex you can reach him through email


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