The T3 is a newer version of the well regarded T2 from a Chinese company Tin HIFI, it uses a single 10mm dynamic driver for the lows and a single balanced armature for highs inside of a machined metal body.
This unit was sent from Linsoul in return for a unbiased review.

In the box

  • IEMs
  • 8 Core cable
  • 2 pairs of foam tips
  • 6 pairs of silicone tips
  • Paperwork

Build quality and accessories

The build quality is solid, the IEMs are well machined, have a nice finish and a good weight to them. The cable is amazing considering the price, it’s soft, malleable and beautiful (even though the connectors could’ve been slightly better). The tips selection should satisfy most people even though foam tips don’t come in a small enough variety in my opinion. The only thing really missing here is a travel case or pouch.

Fit and comfort

Fit was one of my gripes with the T2, it was made in a way that made it awkward to either have hanging down or hooked from the ear. The T3 improves this, not only changing the positioning of the connector but also including a cable with a well shaped ear hook. I found them to be pretty comfortable with either foam or silicone tips. You do need to consider that the bore is fairly wide though and even the smallest tips aren’t as small as some other IEMs.


In general the sound is leaning between neutral and slightly V shaped. The T3 sits somewhere in between the T2 and T2 Pro for the treble and slightly elevated bass in comparison to its siblings. 


Linear with good extension, it has a bit of an airy presentation to it probably because of being ported. They lack a bit of punch so songs like “Infected Mushroom – Return to the Sauce” can sound a bit too tame. The texture is average, you can’t pick up as much of it in songs like “Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name” where the bass guitar gets a bit of softness to it.


Slightly recessed especially in comparison to the high end, vocals have a good presentation to them even though they can sound a bit more back than I’d like. Some instruments, especially in the higher registers can sound a bit plasticky and off timbre but it’s not very noticeable unless you pay a lot of attention to it. There’s no sibilance which is a huge plus compared to the T2 Pro. 


A little bright but not harsh, cymbals are good but can splash a bit especially in metal tracks like “Vader – This is the war”. They don’t however kill with the treble like the T2 Pro. Because of a fairly good extension they have good sense of air to them and improve from its predecessors.

Imaging and Soundstage

Soundstage is very average for an IEM, doesn’t extend much past the ears. Imaging is decent in the centre, then gets quite loose the further to each side the sound moves. It’s not bad per say, but something Tin HIFI should definitely improve upon.


Are they giant killers? No. They are however a well built, good sounding set of IEMs with a really nice cable (which to me is a good reason to buy them alone). I can easily recommend them for anyone who looks for a balanced IEM with a decent selection of accessories and really good build. The only people I wouldn’t recommend them to is bassheads as they can feel a bit too neutral in that area.

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