Campfire Audio Andromeda

Campfire Audio Andromeda


The Andromeda is one of the top of the line offerings from an american company Campfire Audio. It features a 5 balanced armature design with dual low, single mid and dual high driver configuration. Those are one of my daily driver IEMs I’ve had for about 5 months.

In the box

  • Campfire Audio Dark Leather Earphone Case
  • Campfire Audio Litz Cable
  • Final Audio Tips
  • Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips
  • Silicon Earphone Tips
  • Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
  • Cleaning Tool

Build quality and accessories

The build quality is extremely good, the IEMs feel really well made, the edges are smooth and very well rounded. The case feels premium, is nice and soft on the inside and fairly resistant to crushing. The cable is nice and soft, doesn’t get tangled much and doesn’t appear to hold shape for long after being wrapped to be put in the case. All in all, everything feels premium.

Fit and comfort

Even with the angular design Andromeda is an extremely comfortable IEM,  I have used them for 6h+ at a time with just a slight discomfort using the foam tips. 
Having said that, the main issue I found with foam tips is they didn’t sound as good as the silicone ones such as JVC spiral dot or Symbio mandarin, those were in turn less comfortable.
What ended up being the best solution was getting a pair of custom tips from Custom Art those made them not only extremely comfortable but also further increased the soundstage.

Power requirements

The Andromeda is an extremely sensitive IEM and requires almost no power to run. This presents both pros and cons, on one side it can be powered by pretty much any device, however, it will pick up even the slightest amount of noise. This was extremely apparent on my R2R-11 amp even at low gain where the hiss was audible, to my surprise the Hiby R3 on low gain through the balanced output exhibited the same behaviour. 


Where to begin, slightly v-shaped, extremely accurate and fast with amazing tuning. One of, if not the best tuning I’ve heard in an IEM. Very engaging, wide and immersive. They have extremely good timbre across the frequency range.


Depending of the output impedance used they can either be slightly warm or quite warm in the bass region. The bass is fast, very accurate with great texture. It lacks a touch of extension in the really deep subbass which shows quite well in the song “Bonefield – Window”. But the accuracy in songs such as “Trentemøller – Evil Dub” is amazing, the detail is pulled out even from the quietest sounds which shows the great dynamics the Andromeda has.


The midrange is usually very good, on songs such as “Rodrigo y Gabriela – Somnium” the guitars have a great timbre and tonality to them, they never sound recessed.  The vocals sound natural and sweet, “Fleetwood Mac – Dreams” has a good sense of intimacy while still keeping great separation between the instruments. On rare occasions there can be a touch of recessions in the mids but it never sounds wrong or out of place. The midrange very often presents you with detail you’ve  never heard before while being inoffensive doing it.


This is where the Andromeda is really special. The sparkle it can produce with any kind of cymbals is mesmerising. With this comes immense detail retrieval and great air, good example of this is “Steely Dan – Do It Again”. Usually with this kind of sound comes listening fatigue, this somehow isn’t the case here, you can listen to the Andromeda for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Imaging and Soundstage

Another area where those shine is the imaging and soudstage. The stage is very wide for an IEM, with silicone/custom tips it presents a great depth too with moderate height. The imaging is pin point accurate with no dead zones I can identify. This is one of the few examples where large soundstage and great imaging meet. 


If you can’t tell by the rest of this review I regard the Andromeda highly, it’s a extremely engaging and very well tuned IEM. The few drawbacks can include how sensitive it is, the detail retrieval and the dynamics will reveal bad mixes easily thus why badly recorded music can sound even worse and output impedance of certain amplifiers/players can make them sound lifeless. All of this does come at a premium but everything from packaging, accessories, build quality and sound screams quality. Even at the price of 1099$ or 1049£ Campfire Audio Andromeda gets a big recommendation for a high end IEM.

2 thoughts on “Campfire Audio Andromeda

  1. I have the Andromeda S as my daily driver and also absolutely in love with it, but I’d say that both the Andro and the Andro S have really strong mids (and especially the S, as that has a different mid driver), and a closer to neutral presentation than a V shaped one. Other than that I also ordered the custom art tips, really hyped to get there 🙂

    Great review!

    1. I’ve heard the S briefly, indeed the mids are slightly more prominent and likeable. Two small quirks about the S vs the non S for me were how heavy the S was and there was a resonance in the lower mids that annoyed me a bit (Because of the stainless steel I assume). Both have a place to be imo.
      Custom art tips are amazing, can get behind them easily.


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