The ZS7 is a new offering from a Chinese company Knowledge zenith features a 5-driver configuration using one dynamic driver for low frequencies, one balanced armature for mid frequencies, one for mid-high frequencies and one for high frequencies. This can be considered as one of their flagship models.

This set was kindly provided by Yinyoo at a discounted price for an unbiased review.

In the box

  • Silicone Tips
  • Rubber Cable
  • IEMs

Build quality and accessories

Same as the ZS6 the IEM is built fairly solid, has good weight and feel to it. The cables and tips again are very sub par which seems to be an issue with all the KZ sets I’ve had so far. I wouldn’t mind paying 5$ more to get a better cable and tips. Same as the ZS6 cable has pretty bad microphonics and very average bendable earhooks. The tips are the default KZ tips which fit me very badly.
For those two reasons I switched the cable and the tips.

Fit and comfort

With the switched cable and tips the fit and comfort is pretty good. The tips I ended up using are JVC Spiral Dots, this isn’t only to get a better fit but also for sonic reasons but more on that in the next section. 
I used an aftermarket silver plated cable that came with another set of IEMs I had. (See hero picture)


Warm, thick with very powerful subbass. They deliver what the all ZS lineup should’ve done. An extremely fun, non fatiguing sound. 

The tips do affect the sound quite a bit, in this case the foam tips make them too rolled off in the treble area. Spinfits make them sound correct but they do nothing special. JVC Spiral Dots give them more air, correct some midbass bleed and make them clearer in general which is what I recommend for them.


Those dig deep, I will go as far as saying they dig deeper than any sub £300-400 set I’ve heard. On the song “Bonefield – Window” the initial notes have really strong rumble with slightly soft but still fairly detailed texture.  The bass notes in “Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name” are a bit soft but still very pleasant to listen to.
Did I say those have a LOT of bass yet? No, well they do. And for the price it’s a decent quality bass too.


Finally KZ, the mids actually exist. They are still a bit recessed but still keeping most of the detail. Vocals sound correct even though slightly pushed back. The one problem in the mids comes with the mid-high trumpet notes, “Louis Amstrong – West End Blues” sounds quite shouty and not very pleasant at times. Still a big improvement over any other KZ I’ve heard.


Slightly recessed, with default tips lacks a bit of air and detail. With spiral dots they get some of the detail and air back while still keeping a fairly laid back smooth treble.  Sibilance is very rarely present. I do miss a bit of the sparkle but that’s a personal preference.

Imaging and Soundstage

Soundstage is just within the head, maybe a touch past it on certain songs with little depth. They never get claustrophobic nor very intimate. The imaging is presented as little balls of sound rather than points in space, it’s not bad but not very accurate either.


The KZ ZS7 is a massive upgrade over the ZS6, it has better extensions, better midrange, non fatiguing treble and is generally a warm, fun IEM for the price. It isn’t made to be extremely accurate nor flat but it will definitely satisfy most bassheads and people who like smooth fun sound. It gets a recommendation from me especially at the retail of about £45 from amazon. 

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