Audiofly af1120 MK2

Audiofly af1120 MK2


The AF1120 MK2 is a 6-driver balanced armature flagship monitor from Audiofly. It features a 3-way crossover, with dual bass, dual mid and dual high drivers. Audiofly calls it a neutral-focused monitor.

In the box

  • 1.2m Audioflex SL super light twisted replaceable cable.
  • Three sizes of single domed sound isolating silicon tips.
  • Three sizes pair of tri-flange silicone tips.
  • Comply Tips.
  • Airline adaptor
  • Cleaning tool
  • Heavy duty case
  • Cable clip

Build quality and accessories

The quality of everything in the box is very good to amazing. The IEMs feel solid but light at the same time, the cable is nice and soft with no kinks and generally keeps tangle free. It’s also a very big improvement over the MK1 models, it uses a universal MMCX connector so getting a custom one shouldn’t be an issue, it’s also shorter so it’s nicer for normal use (1.2m vs 1.6m). The tip selection should suit everyone giving a choice between foam (installed by default) and silicone. The case feels incredibly solid, with soft inside to keep the monitors and accessories safe.

Fit and comfort

They are the most comfortable IEMs I own and tried in general. With medium size comply/dekoni tips they literally disappear in the ears, and with the universal MMCX connector the cable can spin slightly and go over the right part of the ear rather than being stuck in one place. I’ve used them for 7-8h with barely any breaks and pretty much no wear fatigue afterwards. I can’t imagine anything other than CIEMs to be more comfortable than those.


Neutral, but not boring. Never offensive and very detailed.


Tight, well textured and very well extended for a BA only set. The subbass goes down to 20Hz but can sometimes feel lacking the punch of a dynamic driver, but that’s just the nature of balanced armature drivers so it shouldn’t be held against it. In the song “Bonefield – Window” the really low notes are audible but lack a bit of punch and air movement. The midbass feels really nicely extended with decent punch when it’s needed but it’s never overwhelming nor does it ever bleed into the midrange. Attack and decay are very fast, I can easily pick up all the detail I know in “Trentemøller – Evil Dub”.


Very detailed, with no peaks or dips I could pick up. Even though the detail is present it’s not forced into the head, listening to “Fleetwood Mac – Dreams” the guitar string pulls have great texture. Voices have an intimacy, not quite as enjoyable as the AF180 but the instrument separation gives them space to not be hidden even on a heavy mix. This is greatly helped but very good dynamics.  “Rage Against The Machine – Bullet in the Head” is an extreme pleasure to listen to on this set especially while focusing on detail and separation.


Again, fairly flat response with a bit of a 5-6k dip that for me prevents sibilance and being harsh without sacrificing detail. Again “Fleetwood Mac – Dreams” the high hat hit is on point, it has just enough hold to give it a sense of air and space. They lack a bit of sparkle I personally enjoy in the high end but that’s just a question of taste.

Imaging and Soundstage

Fairly wide sonudstage for an IEM, slightly smaller than the AF180 but with a bit more depth and spectacular imaging. Every sound location is pinpoint accurate which can be a bit disconcerting at first. Never feels congested or claustrophobic. 


Audiofly really did it for me with this model, it’s accurate, clean, has great extension and neutral tuning. Definitely one I will keep and use it with to evaluate other gear with. Is it for everyone? No. It is however an great reference monitor that comes with amazing accessories and great customer support. Retailing at $699 it puts a lot of reference monitors I’ve heard that were twice the price in a tight spot. Good job Audiofly.

5 thoughts on “Audiofly af1120 MK2

  1. Excellent review. I am seriously considering these and heard loads of positive comments about comfort. Thank you for the detailed analysis.

  2. These earbuds are not neutral (read: not exact) in the deep bass, it is almost completely lacking. It is nowhere near reality. I have tried absolutely everything to fix that problem, in vain. They are also a tint too mellom in upper frequencies, a bit fenced in. I have had two samples because the first one had an error in the left ear. Same problem in both. I keep pushing them to get bass, but no. Dissapointing.

    1. They don’t have dynamic bass, as for the BA bass they do extend very low in my opinion. It’s sad your units had some issues though as I really like mine.
      I’ve measured mine, and they are very very close to neutral. As close as I got so far (apart from etymotic but I can’t stand the fit).

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