Audeze LCD-2 Classic

Audeze LCD-2 Classic


The LCD-2 Classic is an entry level open back planar headphone from Audeze, an American headphone manufacturer. It features a 106mm planar magnetic driver with an impedance of 70 ohms and sensitivity of 101dB.  

In the box

  • Headphones
  • 6.3mm single ended cable
  • Warranty card

Build quality and accessories

The build quality of the LCD-2C feels extremely solid, everything is made out of really hard plastic or metal. Hinges hold their position well once adjusted, the pads are nice quality pleather. 
The cable is fairly thick and rubbery, the Y split is made out of metal. It feels smooth and good quality even though it could be better for the price.
The box is fairly disappointing, it’s just cardboard with foam cutouts inside that fit the headphones and the limited accessories.

Fit and comfort

The fit is really good in general, I had people with small, medium and big head try them and no one really had issues with finding the right adjustment for them. The earpads are nice and soft but do get a bit hot after a while and being pleather they don’t release the heat easily. The top strap feels too long, I had to adjust my one after a few months of use because the headphone was creating a hot spot on the top of my head.
The one thing a lot of people can complain about is the weight, like other Audeze products this one is no exception of being heavy which can lead to neck pain after long listening sessions.


I find the best way to describe those is lush, dark and spacious sound. Great with any quality records but not particularly amazing in the treble.


Being a planar magnetic driver this is where those excel. The bass is linear down to 20Hz, has good impact, with good texture but fairly slow decay and attack. On songs like “Julian Winding – The Demon Dance” you can feel the bass notes moving the air and slamming as if you were in a nightclub. Due to the fairly slow decay they can sometimes smooth out detail which would be audible on a faster set, good example for this is “Trentemøller – Evil Dub”. The bass doesn’t bleed onto the midrange and never sounds bloomy.


In general the midrange is well resolved, some would argue they can be a bit shouty because of the roll-off after the 1kHz area. I never had this feeling running it from my Audio-GD R2R-11 amp but running it from the RME ADI-2 DAC does indeed bring that to the table even though I don’t hear it unless I pay attention to it. They however have a really great sense of dynamics which bring guitars and acoustic instruments to life. In songs like “Moriarty – Jimmy” you can clearly hear the strings being pulled and then decaying slowly into the background giving it a great sense of space and liveliness.


Due to the dip in the 4-6kHz region those are never sibilant or harsh. It does come at a price of detail presentation which can seem hidden due to being pushed back and rolled off. This can present benefits in badly recorded songs smoothing them out, good example are old metal recordings simple example is “Helloween – I Want Out” which on bright headphones with forward detail presentation will sound bad whereas on the LCD-2C is totally acceptable.

Imaging and Soundstage

The soundstage is quite large, way past the headphones. It has good width and depth, the imaging is very accurate with slight dead spots at the very edges and just after the centre. Good way to describe it is it feels natural, you don’t feel like you’re dropped into an infinite space, rather you are in a room with instruments playing around you.


To me LCD-2C offers great performance for the retail price of £599 or $799. It’s not a headphone for everyone due to it’s fairly laid back nature but for someone who just wants to sit back and get lost in the music it’s a great contender. If it wasn’t for the weight you could easily forget you are wearing them and just disappear in the music. However if you’re looking for something with a forward detail presentation or a more “exciting” sound they may not be for you.

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